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large reflector old stage lights


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Hi there

I am looking to hire what I can only describe as large reflector bare bulb stage lights. You see them often at the back of the stage as scene setters - softly glowing etc for music shows/tours etc


Something like these from Mumford and Sons. If anyone could help with the actual name and sources that would be wonderful http://www.blue-room.org.uk/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif




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They could be SkyPans, which are, I believe, a TV soft light. Jessie J was using some last year.


The kit for those gigs came from Neg Earth if I remember correctly.


They are made by Mole Richardson.




Cheers Jonathen - much appreciated.


Those are similar to the ones I have seen, however the ones I am referring to have no glass in front and the reflector/back does no have any lip/edge around it and seem slightly curved in. A simpler type I guess

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The ones used on Mumfords are SkyPans. 5Kw versions. They come with a safety grille and a spacer but you can remove these if you so wish just make sure they are out of reach as those lamps can get a tad warm.

Loads of rental companies have them, Neg Earth and GLS do for sure.

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