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Plotting on an Avab Presto


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Hi all



I am wondering if there are any avab presto user's here?


I am attempting to plot a sequence of 5 cues that I wish to repeat for the evening of a gallery launch. I have 5no. LED pars gently fading through some colours and for the purposes of the night, I wish to leave the cues in a simple loop. I have programmed the 5 cues and linked all together but it does not loop through the cues. The cues link from 1 through 5 but do not recommence to create a loop etc.


I have this feeling that I am missing something. Whilst the manual is helpful to a point, the desk is still a confusing item to use.


The manual does not mention the ability to loop and I am wondering if it can do it.


Can anybody help?



Many thanks





Hi all


a quick update:


Crisis averted and Defcon 5 has been restored.


I managed to get the units to work in an effect. That was some fun too. All working fine.





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