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Free Hire!!


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I'm sound engineering a charity concert at the end of this month which has rapidly expanded from being a two man acoustic set of about 10 songs to a full on 6/7 piece band with 20 songs, a solo female artist and a stand up comedian!! The PA I had planned for the job is now quivering with fear and there is no-way it will be able to handle this expansion.


so heres my problem. I have about 2 and a half weeks to get hold of a sufficient rig with a grand total of £000!! in the kitty! do u think any hire companies will do some sort of a sponsorship deal as its for charity?!!


if anyone knows of any companies who can help us out or has any other suggestions please let me know!!


many thanks!

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Guest lightnix

Have a quick look at this recent(ish) thread for general opinions on supplying charity shows.


You may find someone who can help you with something, but don't rely on it and don't expect them to give you every thing you ask for. Many, if not most companies have a regular charity gig which they fully support but, as was pointed out in the above-mentioned thread...

sorry to dampen things, but remember its you thats doing the charity gig, not the the guy hiring you the fixtures.

Also, make sure that you have the insurance in place to cover other people's kit in the event of loss or damage.


Good luck :D

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Please don't take this the wrong way, I have nothing against charity, but...


Begging for free kit is something best done with a company with which you have a decent relationship. You are going to to be unable to find a company who is willing to hire you the kit for nothing. What you may find, however, is that a company is willing to be generous, while still trying to remain in business, and give you a decent rate or if the event is high profile enough, you may find someone willing to sponsor, but its unlikely still.


(I'm not trying to be uncharitable, its just theres alot of charity around, and its very difficult to be generous all the time, especially after the tsunami disaster earlier this year.)

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I only have a small-ish 200W PA system (2x200W mini-cabs), and a custom 140W PA cab & amp - both combined are surprisingly loud & bassy.

Not exactly professional looking, per-se, but it works well with a heavy metal band!


PM if you're interested ;)

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