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Video Scaler Switcher


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Could anyone point me in the direction of an economic video scaler switcher please.


3 inputs, probably 2 XGA 1 Composite, and ideally 2 or three outputs. (Projector, local monitor, remote monitor) Projector and remote monitor to receive same signal, it would nice if the local monitor output could be used for preview/cueing but not essential. Might be nice if it switched sound as well but not essential.


If I wanted to send the remote outputs over Cat 5 is there a switcher scaler with cat 5 O/P Or would the signal then have to be converted?


If there is not such a thing it may be plan A, computer graphics switcher with a separate scan converter for the composite input and the output to a distribution amp.

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200 simply wont get what you need even 2nd hand. you need to be looking at closer to a grand for a switcher scaler plus a 4 ch distribution amp. id suggest that a kramer vp728 unit is good value and probably does what you need and much more. it has a single vga plus hdmi out, so you probably need a DA , if you want to send the vga over cat 5 you will need a traansmitter and receiver unit. again id go for kramer as in my experience they work reliably on longer runs and higher resolutions. you do get scaling matrixes with Xover cat 5 Outputs, but nowhere near your budget...
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