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Emulated Line Out?


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Can someone explain to me what a emulated line out is?


Its on the back of a guitar amp which sumone is using in a concert this week.


Is it the same as a DI out?


Is it line level or mic level? any ideas.


thanks alot


sim playford

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AFAIK, an emulated line out is balanced (well, all the ones I have seen are, as they are XLR outputs) so doesn' t require a DI.

Also, the ones I have seen were all 'line level' outputs.


Can't say for definate that they are all like this.... but I would assume so




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It'll be line level, same as a "DI out"; could be balanced or unbalanced - is it a jack or XLR? As it'll be line level, use a DI box anyway. The "emulated" bit probably means it has some kind of "speaker emulation" circuitry or processing to supposedly make it the sound replicate that of placing a mic infront of the speaker.
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