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Useful Electrical Qualification

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Hello Blue Room, I am a first time poster so excuse me if I get a few things wrong or this is in the wrong section.


I am trying to look up what would be a useful electrical qualification. I have recently seen a job posting looking for an NVQ Level 2/3 e.g. City & Guilds 1810/2360 but as far as I can see this course no longer exists. I thought I would probe the minds of people out there to see if there was an equivalent or something relevant. Most higher courses go into instillation in a big way and thats not what I am looking for.

Thanks in advance for you help :)

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I'm guessing that was the cambridge job?


So firstly the electrical NVQ (2356) no longer exists.


The 2360 morphed into the 2330 which after a few years merged with the NVQ to form the 2357. The 2357 is an Electrotechnical Diploma and requires 2 years in college and actual on site work to complete. The 2330 was also replaced by the 2365 which again is a 2 year course at college for 2 days a week or so but no onsite work and thus no NVQ element.


The 1810 was a good course as it covered theatre electrics but is no longer offered as it is uneconomical.


So you're a bit stuffed if you don't like installation work!


If you have a good grasp of elecrics then I'd reccomend doing the 17th Edition. It's a 60 question multiple choice open book exam. Quite easy and a qualifaction that a lot of employers recognise (but a bit useless if you actually want to learn something)


If you have a very very good grasp of electrics then I'd reccomend doing the 2394 or the 2395 which is an inspection and testing exam done over 10 weeks, one eve a week. Whilst not strictly neccessery to sign off work they do throw a fair bit of weight behind your signiture on the certificate, but I'll warn you you do need a substantial knowledge of electrical systems and the pass rate for experienced electricians is something silly like 40% - hence why the qualifaction is so respected

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