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Nick, as other people have stated, it really is 'horse for courses'.

The MAC250 and 300 are good products, and because of the high colour temperature of the MSD lamp appear a lot brighter than they actually are in foot candles terms. The MAC 500 and 600, although a little long in the tooth, are still useful fixtures. The MAC2000 family really are outstanding fixtures, we (Bandit Lites Ltd) own a large quantity of each variant, and they do hold up very well in comparison with other fixtures.

It really boils down to the application and the required output / throw distance. Hope this helps.







All opinions are my own, and not those of Bandit Lites.

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Having used 250s, 300s, 500s and 600s on many occasions in designs, I came acccross an excellent use last year for the 300s. Stick one either side of the prosc arch in a smaller theatre or two along the front of the stage in a wider theatre and they make the most wonderful footlights for a dance show. You can get any colour you like and can go wide to full stage, turn them in for specials and can tilt them up as people come downstage. Following a line of dancers as they move from upstage to downstage looks great! <_<
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