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Creepy sound effects and background music


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Ive been asked to provide sound for my schools drama exams. I have been asked for creepy chillout type music to fade the show in and out and sometimes under dialogue. I have also been asked for a scary twinkle type effect for when a cast member drinks a potion. Kind of like the cheesy panto type twinkle but creepy.


Could anyone direct me to a website/ cd where I can get these type of effects.





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The url is www.sounddogs.com


...but they're certainly not free effects. You pay for each one you download.


Here in Britain, there's also www.sfx-gallery.co.uk, another site where you pay by the download.


BBC Sound effects have a lot of "Death and Horror" creepy type stuff...and many public libraries have them available to check out.



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Or your music department may (certainly Music Tech) have a synth liked to a computer. You could try asking a student/teacher to knock something up for you.

Failing that, as previously mentioned the BBC CD's are good I've used them in the past and found everything I need!

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