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Trouble with a Zero 88


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My guess would be that somethings happened on the tracks on the PCB and the logic is getting confused. It could, alternatively, be a software fault but if its only just happened then its more likely to be electronic. Keith will be able to sort it out for you, and organise a repair if required.
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The fault is most likely to be a damaged fader.

It the way the multiplexing for the fader circuit works it sees the previous fader if the current one can't be detected.


Dont you just love modern technology!

I have heard of this problem before, dont know the solution though, sorry.

I havent had a good relationship with Zero 88's

I had 2 elara's that would turn off half way through a show, they went back (only hire though)

& I hired a alcora, which randomly swapped modes?!?! also went back, saying that, our dimmers were turning on lights that wernt even patched in!!

o well



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Had troubles with Elara and Alcora here too. they would power up and then just sit there flashing their LEDs and doing nothing else. They were hired to cover for our Event V3, into which some numpty managed to pour a pint of blackcurrant and lemonade. Not a good choice of replacement I agree, but once the insurers coughed up, we bought a leapfrog and it is brilliant. I've had the occasional niggle with it, but nothing major and it does the job nicely.
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