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How can I convert the s-video output from the v4 mixer to a VGA?


I will be connecting to 6 projectors which are all connected via a VGA splitter and are scattered around the building so so running a s-video to the projectors isn't an option, although would make it alot simpler

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we have used these in the past really great quality




we are also Kramer main dealers so if you need to order give us a shout and we can do you a great price


hope that helps





Ps normally a duel or tripple head to go would be for getting two desk tops out of a single graphics card pc or mac

so if you have two projectors you could send one video over the two of them to make a super wide picture

we have the min hire stock and there great bits of kit.

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the easy answer is to scale svhs to vga, and these can be hired easily enough, The kramer kits decent and cost effective. The down side is that the allhough the quality wont be compromised, the delay will and its going to be noticeable if some of the screens are in the same room.


! regulary use an edirol over svhs and I run the shvs over the vga distribution, if you have the cable you simply break out the vga to 5 bnc and use the R and G for the Y and C , this will run through your DAs and even your cat 5 baluns if you are using them, you then break it in at the other end. This offers the best quality as the scource format is what ends up at the projectors.


Its not the eaiest, but if you can solder, you can make up 15 pin to y/c jumps and for about 20 quid and some time spent swearing at tiny connectors the job should be done.

svhs pin 1 - vga pin6 , svhs pin 2 - vga pin 7 , svhs pin3 - vga pin 1 , svhs pin4 - vga pin2

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