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Drum Winch


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I am specifiying a new venue install at the moment and may be needing a number of winches to lift a truss, due to the layout of the venue (a conversion of a listed building) they really need to be steel wire winches, with a single line from each and as small as possible.


Does anyone have any links to spec sheets for such things - I have seen a few likely looking products but not much info


I am needing to lift 250kg per point for a travel of around 12m





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Speak to Stage Technologies Ltd




they will be able to help you out. they also have a load of info on their website. we use them in our theatre and we have 120 winches !!


does it have to be 1 line per winch. the Stage Technologies Big Tow BT490 winch comes in many sizes and you can have multiple lines on it. We use them with up to 8 lines.


ask for Jim Roberts and say Simon Frost (thats me) sent you. nice guy and very helpful.

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