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Magic Q- how many usb dongles.

Richard CSL

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is there a price for the magic Q DMX 2 universe output device , I cant find a price anywhere.

Also perhaps Art net is the way to go, I heard of a 4 universe artnert device from Work. but again struggeling to find this on the net.


Just found an enttec open DMX unit on Thomann


could I use this with a DMX dongle on uni 1 and the enttec open on uni 2.?


or will this unit work with MQ.


Elation 8 node DMX . for 349 euros.


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If you want a price for the MQ 2 DMX interface, get in contact with your local distributor which I think for Spain is Equipson and they should be able to give you an up to date price.


We don't support the MagicDMX device working at the same time as other interfaces however. Its designed for testing of a single DMX output, or just to trial the software out with a single universe rig, so hasn't been designed to work in conjunction with other interfaces also, and thus only runs on the first universe for a zero-conf setup.


If you need 2 outputs, either get one of the 2 output USB interfaces, or as you say, you could use an ArtNet / ACN > DMX box such as http://chamsys.co.uk/snakesysb4

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Artnet is the way I would go - I regularly spit out up to 8 universes from MagicQ PC via Artnet. If you're investing in hardware, a 2/3/8 port Artnet node is always going to be more flexible than a manufacturer-specific interface.
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