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Birdie transformers - where to source 'nice' ones


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Right, so we recently uncovered some nice little birdies complete with frames etc but they have terrible non-theatrical transformers clearly designed to be installed in kitchen ceilings, which neither dim well nor look nice nor appear safe to use onstage.


Where have fellow blue roomies sourced those lovely compact black tube ones? Or the ones that sit under the birdie as the base?



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Hey JGerry, they look pretty good.


I've got a couple of trannies that look a lot like that which I got when I lived in the UK some while ago, and they came from TLC, and it appears they are still available, see here, look down to Intram Barwell - Electronic Transformers. Bit more dosh than the eBay jobbies, but TLC are rather more available over the longer term!

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