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Robe 250xl wiring 6 wires ,4 transfo,2 from top


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I changed a main board (ez664) and id all my nos with my dymo numbering machine when irecieved my board and came to plug all in I had no more nos on my wires they all fell off


I need to id where blue and red wires go (2 voltages transfo ) and a blue red that seems to go to the head unit I know where the fan was plugged





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Probably you resolved your issue in the past year. I came across this topic while looking for the diagrams for my Robe Club Spot 300 movinghead, I respond to this old topic to give a pointer to other people coming across this unanswered topic. The wire colors in my device on SV4, SV2, SV5 and SV3 screw terminals are a bit different than yours (thick white, thick white, thin black, thin red, thick red, thick red, thick white, thick red), but the circuit diagrams for the EZ 664 printed circuit board can be found in the Futurelight MH-680 service manual. That should help anyone to determine the appropriate wiring.

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