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Shure ULX-D vs U4/R


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Has anyone had any hands-on experience with the Shure ULX-D yet?.. and how do they compare with U4 or U4R?


We've got U4 and need to replace for something similar.. rider friendly, good quality, robust.


Normally I'd just buy U4R, but I'm tempted by the bells & whistles on the ULX-D..


Use: Live music, theatre, conference. Typically 6-ways at a time, but be anything from 1 to 30 ways on occasion. A few RF busy venues. Demanding professional customers.


Welcome your observations.





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Been using the ULX-D since release (first company in the UK to get them). Bear in mind that the ULX-D are the new mid-range offering and the UR4 and UR are the old and older top range models, since superseded with the Axient system.


Anyway...Im really happy with the ULX-D sound quality is great units are very robust and you can actually fit more of them into a band than previous systems. We use them for similar situations as yourself, this weekend just gone we had 30 units out at Excel with no problems. As with the UR4 the units can cascade RF but unfortunately not power.


I'd happily recommend them

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I've not used the ULX-D stuff so cannot comment, but whilst we know it's kind of an industry standard, I've not had a lot of luck with UHF-R so I find it difficult to get excited about something less expensive.


As Ben Rightly says, if the people around you that you may or may need to deal with have UHF-R (and that's likely as its a standard) then it's what I'd lean towards. They're designed to be used with lots of channels together with the necessary distribution and antenna.


IMO You can't trade reliability (cough) for bells and whistles.



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