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X factor blinders


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On last night's show there are two lights that were of interest:

- the columns either side of the penultimate act (like a mass of blinders (which they have squares of behind the central video screen)

- the led panels that were flashing between the movers behind Ella


Anyone know what these units are? I imagine the blindera might need a lot of DMX channels, unless you can customise the macro programs like I can on my LED strips.


And on a related note, have they got any LED movers on the rig?

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Having not seen last night's show (or any of it on TV for that matter), I'd hazard a guess that the 'blinders' in question are Chromalech Jarag. The columns however may not be - again going by the earlier pre boot camp bits rather than having seen any of it on TV, the columns of blinders there were actually LED screens.
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