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Amps & Bass Bins


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We recently discovered we were under powering the Bass Bins our band use.


Somebody recommended we Bridge some amps we have to get a bit more grunt out of the bottom end of our PA.


Our Bass Bins are rated at 8 Ohms each and:-

600 Watt Continuous

1200 Watt Program

2400 Watt Peak

We have four of these bass bins and we planned to Bridge two Crown xti1000 amps one to run two linked subs each side of the stack.

On the crown website its says the Crown xti1000 can deliver 1400 watts at Bridge Mono 4 Ohms so in theory we would be sending 700 watts approx to each sub. We are getting conflicting advice now and would appreciate it if anybody with a broader knowledge of sound could keep us right.



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Moderation: We are already talking about this in another topic - so no need for another. Most members use the forum by the 'view new content' button - so starting a new one isn't necessary, the other is actually higher in the listings than this one.


I will close it.


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