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Electric winch install - Kent


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Hi Everyone,


A school I'm doing some work in want an electric pilewind winch fitted to one of their lighting bars.


Do any of you have any recommendations of who to use to fit it.

The unit is coming from Hoist UK, but they don't have any Engineers down this end of the country aparently.

The schools is in Dover, Kent.


Thanks in advance

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Make sure that it is inspected, load tested, and certified before 'accepting' it.

You may potentially run into problems having one company supplying kit, and another installing it, so far as this is concerned.(make sure the wire ropes do not bind on the sides of the discs at any point of the rotation, amongst other things....)

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I'd get a confirmation on who was supplying the warranty - and who supports the thing if/when it goes wrong (although I'm sure/hope it won't......) We sell through distributor/installers who carry all of this responsibility and will come out to you if you have any snags - & they do a fantastic job at it too. We also have local installers all over the country.....including Kent. The usual warranty on 'sales only' deals like this would be a "return to base" thing, meaning you'll have to get someone in to take it down, return it & then re-install it when it's repaired.
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Hi Myles


Sorry I know I'm a bit late replying to this post....


I'm a Director of Hoist UK and don't understand the comments about not having any engineers down your end of the country.

We have a team of our own installation engineers who carry out installs, servicing and inspections nationwide... Most of our time is spent in the south of he country.


I hope this winch install went well, but if you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me direct.


Best Regards


Paul Jordan


Hoist UK

Tel: 0151 334 7682


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