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Robe Spot 160XT Problem


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Today I have recieved two refurbished Robe Spot 160XT's

They both work fine however when I link them together with a DMX cable there is a problem. I select one fixture as master and the second as slave ( the cables connected correctly). I select PLAY and select Test they both kick into life and start moving however they do not match up 100% of the time sometimes they match for a few seconds then they do different things. Ive tried reseting them from the master however this has the same problem and the slave head goes staight to run/PrG.1 when the master is in Test as selected.

Is there a master reset to make them go back to scratch or does anyone know how to fix this?




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Sounds like the DMX Cable may be faulty. Maybe you should try a new set of DMX Cable. if this does not fix this issue. try using a new DMX Controller. Maybe a Zero88 Desk. or a cheaper alternative, try using a CHAUVET Obey 40 DMX Controller. if there is still a issue, try asking robe and reporting the problem and the should try to help you with this.


Hope this helps,



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