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ROM for MH 6606


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Hi All

Recently, I've bought 2 of acme MH 6606. One of the units got the microcontroller missing. I know it's WINBOND W78E52B. I've got the programmer & new chip. I hoped to clone the working one, but it seems the chip is protected (cannot read)

Anyone could help with a copy of ROM for this unit or any similar?

I think, it could be any ROM for 6 channels DMX-receiver

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I tried to go down this path many years ago, it seems that all DMX lights have the microprocessor locked even the cheap chinese par 56's.

and the manufacturers guard their programming with their lives. So good luck.


Easier to buy a third scrap unit, this will come in handy for spare parts too. If memory serves me right this was an Acme product supplied by Prolight concepts, Jeff in the service dept might have a replacement chip.

The light was also made under another name for Coeff or somebody. I know there were a lot of these sold to an ice rink in Leeds. might be worth investigating.

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