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Intermittent isolation with HME DX200 wireless comms

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I am currently touring a theatre show and we have a HME DX200 wireless comms system. In our current venue I am using a wired system linked into the base station. An intermittent problem has occurred where the wireless systems are unable to hear the calls from the stage manager who is using a wired pack. Has anybody here experienced a similar problem? Has anyone found a solution for this? As the problem is intermittent it has been hard for me to troubleshoot. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Is anyone else on the wired side? If so, can they hear the SM? What wired intercom do you have in use there?


I presume from your use of the word 'isolation' that you mean all the wireless users can talk and hear each other just fine?


The wired side worked fine. The Stagemanager, LX and Sound op were all on the wired side. The wireless side was used for communication between stage management,

Just to add, after 2 incidences of dropout the system worked fine and hasn't shown any problems since.


We're in a different venue now and just preparing to tech. For this I intend to run all comms off the wireless system for now, hopefully we will have no problems.

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