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no response from Jand Vista S1


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It was our first time on the Vista S1 (using software Vista2) everything was working fine - we were in fixture picker (?) where we could highlight a fixture and change the color and intensity. One of my crew hit a button on the S1 and the screens went gray and froze up.... We restarted and got back to the fixture picker - all fixtures were shown to be off (intensity @ 0) - the tab above the fixtures read "live" - we highlighted a fixture, picked a color and set intensity, as usual - but no light changed.... and the tab now reads "live" with the circle with the line thru it (as in NOT live)


any ideas what we did wrong or what to do right?




p.s. I am in the USA - Philadelphia PA area

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Hi Jim,


Sorry to hear about your troubles with the S1.

Please contact Jordan at AC Lighting Inc (US). Mobile (518) 832-3465.

He will be more than happy to troubleshoot the problem with you.


Just for extra info: the "live" tab with the circle through it does not mean "not live" this red circle is another clear programmer button. It indicates that there are events in the programmer.


Many thanks

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