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royal caribbean technical stage staff


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Hi there,


I have just applied for Technical Stage staff for Royal Caribbean cruises. I was just wondering if there is anyone out there that could help answer a few questions I have. I have read a few topics however they all seem to be a few years old so I just wanted to see if there is any new rules regualtions etc.


As Technical Stage Staff how many hours on average do they work?

How many days off a week?

Typical duties of a Technical Stage Staff crew member?

Other duties to be perfomed?

Whats the food like on the ships for staff?

Are staff allowed to talk and relax with people on holiday in their free time?

Do TSS share cabins?


If you could help I would very much appreciate it as I have heard so many contrasting stories and I am not to sure what to think.


Thank you

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Hi There,


To answer a few of your questions having recently left Royal:


Average hours a week should be around 40, but can vary wildly from ship to ship and week to week.

Days off per week. 0.

Typical duties, work the shows, keep the theatre clean, maintenance with lighting/sound/lounge techs, assisting with group co-ordinator setups. I'm sure there's plenty more but my mind is wandering at the moment

The food is again variable from ship to ship but its never been unbearable.

You can relax dependent on your privileges (certain bars will be off limits etc)

And sadly yes, stage staff do share cabins.


Hope that helps.

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If you're sent to the Allure or Oasis they assign single shared cabin to TSS. You just have to share an adjoining bathroom which I preferred than sharing a cabin.


Work hours can vary depending on whether you're 'on duty' or not. Installs of new cast are very busy times but otherwise normal duties are running and setting up shows, setting up bands around the ship, running the parade and various other jobs they might ask you to do. As a TSS, I feel we were rather lucky that we actually got a lot of free time to go out in port and you get to see some great places.


Tech Stage Staff were introduced on the ships with ice rinks as there was ice maintenance to learn and do. Now they've got Aqua Stage Staff who get paid more for running shows under water in the Aqua Theatre with scuba gear.


You will be allowed to go to quite a lot of the guest venues but you dont really 'hang out' with the guests.

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