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Magic Q adding cues to a stack

Richard CSL

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I am having problems adding cues to the middle of a theatrical cue stack.


If I just create a fresh cue and save it into the stack I seem to loose whatever was running before the new cue.


If I include the previous cue edit it to contain my new cue then press record and add a cue id number. this doesnt seem to work at all.


If I copy the previous cue , add my new cue information then save It seems to put it at the bottom of the cue stack. really confused. I suppose I should then renumber it.


Is there an easier way.


Also editing multiple cues within a stack. (or adding a colour for the next 3 cues) how do you do this.

I have been selecting the head , changing the colour then pressing s above the cuestack, then pressing record, but I have to do this for all three cues.?

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Are you in tracking mode? I know Chamsys suggest not using it but to my mind, when dealing with theatrical stacks, it makes a bit more sense.


I've just tried adding a cue in mid-stack and it worked as I expected it to. For example, I want to add a cue between cues 3 and 4: So I run cue 3, make whatever changes I want, press rec, type 3.5 and press S on the playback. The changes are recorded in to a new cue 3.5 that's placed between the original cues 3 and 4. Is that the behaviour you're expecting?

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I don't use tracking for theatre type cues, and the same syntax you used works fine for me too. I love the way MagicQ accepts text as a label for the cue, but knows if you type a number it will be a cue number - Always found that really clever!


Ah - I think I have what is happening. You want to say, add an extra light to what we are seeing for cue 3, and want this to appear as 3.5, because 4 is a full up. When you do this sequence, when the new light comes up on cue 3.5, the rest of the lights go out - and you don't want this?


You have cue 3 live on stage - what you need to do is get that state back into the programmer by bashing prog, then snapshot at the top, then you add the new light - then rec 3.5 hit the S button. You're trying to copy and then add which doesn't work. The snapshot feature is the most useful one in theatre type shows where you want to modify the cues as new in between ones.

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