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Does anyone know any ballets that are half decent and that are quite fun and interesting (not the old skool swan lake image) some kind of modern art. Preferably not much longer than 1 1/2 and also preferably quite cheap. I live in London, so something around Charing X kinda area to save me travelling to far.

I have to write an essay for college, and have to see a ballet, but I'm having trouble finding anything, as I dont want the classical image. Anything that is a relative ballet, I can discuss with my tutor and negotiate, any ideas?


Thanx people


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What about something at Sadler's Wells? It's in Angel, which is pretty central, and they're renound for putting on dance of all kinds. I went to see Matthew Bourne's 'Nutcracker!' there, so they do ballet.


I don't know how to post links so I'm just going to do this:



and hope it works...



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This should be my 100th post :D ;)


Also try The Place Theatre (now technically called the Robin Howard Dance Theatre) near Euston station.


The Place


It specialises in contemporary dance - I went to see a show there on Saturday which was definitely not in the classical genre.




P.S. For those who are not dance-savvy, contemporary dance is effectively modern performance dance and is called modern dance in most other countries. In Britain, however, there is a long-established style of jazz-type dance called "modern". So there's lots of scope for confusion!!

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the Peacock theatre has Raiford Rogers Modern Ballet at the moment, and if you go through the official london theatre website you can get £10 off the top 2 priced tickets.


official london theatre

the site has a newsletter that its worth signing up to as they send a list off special offers weekly


Hope this helps


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You could try Georg Piper Dances. They do stuff in the classical style but it is definitely not the boring old classical swan lakes etc. It combines dance, video and kicking house tracks.They are on tour in Brighton this week.
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