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Wired in ear monitor system.


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Im a Lampy and have some custom in ear monitors. Im wanting my own belt pack to use at front of house. I have looked at this one, but don't really fancy paying £499 plus vat for it. Can any one recommend an equivalent?





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Hey Liam


Fischer packs are great IEM wired packs which I know a lot of sound companies use - Amber Sound are the distributors - they are £168/£209 list. - also available from Thomann for £140.36


Another cherpy cheap cheap alternative are these from Thomann - the millenium HPA in ear amp. Now I have just purchased a couple to try out - for under £30 they are fairly well built and run from 9V battery or a supplied adapter (which only has a european plug on it) - I guess the sound quality is probably only going to match that of a low-end set of IEM drivers. No belt clip but does have a mic stand size bolt hole.


Both of these packs have left and right XLR or jack inputs and minijack output.


Hope that helps



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