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Just wondering if anyone has any comments on using PFC replica weapons, also known as model guns, on stage? Specifically how much quieter are they than blank-firing replicas? I've also read that they can be unreliable unless absolutely perfectly maintained, and that loading the cartridges can be fiddly....


Please don't rehearse the legal aspects of replica firearms again: it's been covered in depth in previous topics, and I'm aware of the dispensations that apply within the VCRA for theatre and film production and re-enactments.

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PFC's are significantly quieter than blankfiring guns, much lower perceived volume than a .22 short. I've only got a couple of rather old types, and they were a menace to keep going (designed to be looked at and played with, rather than used frequently!). The newer designs are quite possibly much improved in this respect, but I'm afraid I don't have any experience with them.


Loading the brass cartridges no biggie (and I've got fat fingers), but they are (were?) stupidly expensive, so you don't want to be losing too many of them.


If you can hold on a few days, I'll dig mine out and see if they are actually working, and if so I'll try and get some figures for you.

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