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Mirror Ball


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Hey Guys,


I have an old mirror ball at work over the centre of our auditorium. Its not a DMX one or anything just bog standard turn it on and it spins, turn it off and it stops. I have used a 15a - 13a convertor and plugged it into a dimmer channel in the hope I could control it through the desk as it can be distracting from the back of the auditorium if spinning constantly during a show as it twinkles as it spins a bit even if there's no light on it. The problem is that without even the desk on (which is an ion) it is spinning. Our dimmers are strand LD90's and I have set the channel to non dim, but it still spins constantly. I know the triac on that channel is ok cuz if I have a lamp plugged into that channel it isn't on permanently. I have also had the desk on and set that channel to none dim on there as well but all to no avail.


Any ideas or is it something I just cannot do.


Many thanks in advance



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You need to pair the mirror ball with a load lamp. Dimmers do not like inductive loads like motors.


Setting dimmers to non-dims, or channels on a desk to non-dim will not change the fundamental fact that power is being supplied from a dimmer rather than a hot switch.

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