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Trantec 5.3 vs Trantec 5.5


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Main differences are wider bandwidth and access to more channels so the maximum number of systems that can operate together is greater. There are differences in the USB facilities too I think. So essentially you have a choice between 12 and 24 channel maximum capacity versions.
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You put RF at the end of your question? Is that the sole difference you're interested in?


In short, the S5.5 has a wider switching bandwidth, so there are more channels available on one model of receiver/transmitter before you need to buy a different variant. For most people this isn't a major issue. The S5.3 will more than happily tune through all of channel 38, which I'm guessing is the most likely place you'll be using one.


The major difference other than that is the USB monitoring - on the S5.3 it's purely that - monitoring. On the S5.5 you can make changes via the PC - names and (I think) frequencies. Depends how you like to operate as to if this is a big deal or not. If you like to have the names of your characters/users on screen and on the receiver displays then it takes a fair while to do this using the panel and rotary knob (as you have to do with the s5.3). As somebody who has both character names and mic number on his desk labels, I've got an easy cross reference so my mics have a set label that (once set) doesn't change - CH38:01 etc.... (I run channel 38 and 70 simultaneously, though I carry the numbers through, so it's CH38:01 thru 12, then CH70:13 thru 16).


Edit: Paul's clearly got the faster fingers this morning - ^ wot he said ^

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