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Strand 520i


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I am wondering if it is possible to tell a Strand 520i to switch on and off automatically? We would possibly be interested in getting Qlab to send a midi command to the desk. Once the desk is on it only needs to have four submasters up for a exhibition.


Thanks in advance for any help



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I explored a similar idea a couple of years ago with our 520i. I couldn't find any way to get the desk to switch on.

There was a long and complicated way to get it to shutdown - but only to the green shutdown screen.


I ended up using timed Macros to fire cues, and left the desk on all the time.





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A 13 amp plug with the 24 hour clock timer on?


Of course you would not be shutting down the desk in the correct manner, so it depends how much you care for your console. You could always have it switch on automatically and then shut it down manually if it is early mornings that are your main concern.

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