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My point is that I know that typing

[cue] [10] [time] [1] [*] will create a blank cue 10 (if it doesn't already exist)




im pretty sure that it will only create or re-record cue 10. ive tried [cue]1[thru]5[record][record]. I think that it didnt work for me, cant remember.


Tried it yesterday on a 520i

[Cue] [1] [thru] [100] [time][1] [*] will only create cue 1 with time 1.

For fx it is possible in the fx window to use the soft key [append step] to create more steps quickly by keep pushing that soft key.

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I could be wrong (never tried it), but I think that when you set the bump buttons to Macro, they fire the same macro regardless of which sub page you're currently in.


Drat, Drat and Double Drat


*rips up macro plot sheet*

Don't take my word for it - like I said, I've never actually tried it. (By the time you've changed page and fired the macro, it'd be just as quick to fire the macro from the keypad!)


If it's something that's important to you try it yourself, you might be surprised!!

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Don't forgot as well as the 24 Macros you've got through the sub bump buttons (and the additional 24 through SHIFT+sub bumps, as previously mentioned), on the 520i you have the 14 macro buttons top left of the console marked P1 -> P14. These are Macros 951 - 964 and then 971 - 984 for the SHIFT + P1 -> P14.


You also have another 4 on the console, which are the 4 unmarked buttons in the centre of the console - I believe in between the 2 LCD screens. These are numbers 991 - 994. And you also have the USER key (998) which I find for useful for something like CUE 0 CUT or something similar.


I'm sure you know all of this already but I thought just in case I'd post this all. By my (dodgy!) maths you've got 81 macros avaiable to hand using these methods, which is a bloody good number to start with. Better than the 5 you get with an Expression 3 anyway.


Anyway I'm not the most experienced user of a 500 series around here so I'm sure if I'm wrong someone who is like Richard or Gareth will point out the error of my ways.





PS. On a 530/550 it's 7 P keys but 6 Macros on the Centre LCD.

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