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Equipment Rental Management System

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I am currently researching options for a new rental management system.


We are an events company with a very small stock of our own equipment. We already have a full system for quoting, project management and invoicing so I don't require these features in a software package.


We are currently using RMS but I would like to explore other options before we upgrade to RMS-25.


Can anyone recommend anything giving some idea of costs...?





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We use RMS at my day job to help run the IT helpdesk, so point taken it's no good at hires. I'd write something personally but I'm a developer by day.

You might be able to find a web based solution, just make sure you have SLA and compensation arrangements agreed in case it's down

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EasyJob by Protonic Software. About £1500 for the basic licence, which gives 5 concurrent logins I believe. It will manage the kit and do all the other aspects too, so you might find there is some duplication between your other software.
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We use rental desk and it seems to work fine for all we need, prep lists, invoicing, quotes, plus loads more

and cheep at only £249

its basically a cut dow version of hire track but we haven't found anything extra we can't do yet.

there is a demo you can download


if you want to have a look at it running in proper use let me know I can email you some of our custom reports

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