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EM Acoustics X3 and Quakes in Bristol this weekend


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Hello Folks,


I've been enthusiastic to hear the EM X3 and MSE118 combo for a while now and finally, after much sweet talking and negotiation, I have the chance to use the system on a show for the first time! EM Acoustics have kindly offered to give us an X3(DSP)/ MSE159 and MSE118 Quake system, powered by MC2 and XTA for this years Bristol harbour festival, Queens Square Stage, in place of the old KF850/ SB1000 system we've supplied in previous years.


I know that many on the forum are fans of EM (especially the Quake subs) and so I thought I would extend an invitation to anyone interested in hearing the system to drop by and see us on Friday 20th, Saturday 21st or Sunday 22nd July in Queens Square, Bristol City Centre. It would be nice to meet some local blue roomers/ fellow audio nerds and get people's opinions on the rig (whether they be good or bad).


The X3's designer, Ed Kinsella and EM's Dave Kelland will be on site with us to help tune and run the system and so they will no doubt be keen to talk 'tech' with anyone willing to listen. We might even go out for a few drinks after the show on Saturday evening so if anyone fancies joining us and putting the industry to rights over a beer or two that would be lovely.


Anyhow, I will be at FOH throughout the weekend so give me a shout if you fancy dropping by and I will sort you out with stage passes to see the system in action!


Praying for good weather!



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