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Marantz PMD-570 CF-slot repair


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Hi everyone


Looking for someone who can repair/replace a CF-slot in a Marantz PMD-570, which has a broken/bent pin and some difficulty ejecting cards, and upgrade the units' firmware while they're at it.


I'm sad to say I've not had terribly good experience with either of the two authorised repair agents recommended by Marantz - Not sure it's fair to name-and-shame even if the odds are narrow, but the background is:

  • "Company A" botched a previous repair job on another item so badly that the unit needed sending back several times to actually get the work done. Admittedly this was a year or more ago now, but that experience (and the way the company handled it) left a bitter taste in my mouth and I've therefore no interest in even attempting to work with them again - certainly I have no desire to pay them any more if there's a better choice elsewhere.
  • "Company B" seems to have told me they're not proper repair centre despite making the Marantz list, has repeatedly failed to respond to enquiries, and the response we did receive didn't even acknowledge our specific request for a paper or electronic quotation/invoice to raise the cheque for the "investigation fee" they ask to be sent with the unit. Sure the fee is a triflingly small amount really, but on principle the whole process feels "off" somehow - it just doesn't build trust.


On another note - is this kind of experience normal for off-warranty third-party "authorised" repairs?

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