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2U 2 AUX rack mount mixer?

Tony Lake

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Pretty much as I need as I've described but here's slightly more detail:


-the unit will need to fit into a 2U space in a rack


-It needs to have at least 2 mic level input for vocal splits


-Each input needs a dedicated head amp and 2 aux sends


-Master level for each of the 2 sends.



The unit will be used for 2 mono In ear mixes. The input are


-2 feeds from the monitor/foh desk.




2 channels of playback


Drum pads


2 vocals


The reasoning behind this is more geared towards monitors from front of house situation, basically the 2 people on IEM's are able to have control over the essential parts of there mix.


This is a reasonable budget concious purchase, looking around the same price as an 8 channel mini mixer (£75-£200), it doesn't need to have eq's phantom or master outputs.


Does anyone know of any existing products that fit the bill?


Cheers, Tony

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I second the RX1602. I used to use a Behringer RX1602 as a submixer, has 1 monitor out and a main out which will give you the two sends but has no mic pre amps.

I would suggest getting a couple of these then you can have 2 stereo mixes and seperate control for each performer.

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