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GMA On pc wing parameter count vs universe count


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Hi there,


On the specs of the wing it says: 2048 parameters and the wing has 2 physical DMX outputs. To me it sounds as if 2048 parameters is 4 universes but my gut feelings says it not? ;) And when you ad a 2 port node on pc pro the parameter count goes up to 3073. Is that really only 3 universes!? (damn that thing is expensive)


Can somebody explain the parameters vs universes thingy?





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On an MA, every "parameter" on a fixture is treated as 16 bit. So on a moving head you may have the following channels:


Pan (16bit - 2 channels)

Tilt (16bit - 2 channels)

Dimmer (8bit - 1 channel)

Cyan (8bit - 1 channel)

Magenta (8bit - 1 channel)

Yellow (8bit - 1 channel)


So the entire fixture uses 8 DMX channels, but for the MA to process, it is only 6 parameters - 6 different things it needs to think about.


2048 parameters will allow you to patch 4 universes of dimmer channels - 4 x 512 - however if you were using our basic mover described above you could get 341 of them patched in - which would need 6 universes of DMX (you are only using a third of the last universe).


But you are not limited to 6 universe - you could spread these fixtures out over 20, 30, 40 different universes - after all, universes are a way of organising fixtures on a cable run - unlike smaller desks, most large desks don't count things in universes - what it cares about is how many actual parameters (things) the desk has to deal with.


The desk only has 2 physical outs - so if you want to run 4 universes you will need to use something like an art-net node for your additional outputs. With the 2 port node you could run _6_ universes of 8 bit fixtures - or potentially 12 universes of 16 bit fixtures.

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ok, Did not expect that answer. I was quite disappointed with the limitation of 2 physical outputs but if I can connect my ELC node and spread the 2048 parameters over say 4 universes this might be enough in 99% of all venues...


Thanks for that insight!

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Well it is impossible to pull 2048 ANYTHINGS out of an MA wing - it has 2 physical outputs - so 1024 channels available - the MA wing acts like a hardware key which enables the software to output DMX. The company I work for owns 9 or so wings (with the intention of buying more) so trust me, you can output over artnet.


All you do is add a second IP address to your network interface in the 2.x.x.x range and enable ArtNet output.

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