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Riedel Digital Intercom - Logic Programming


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One of the more powerful parts of the Riedel Artist Director programming is the Logic construction ability.

Here is a link to a page which creates a latching logic circuit to hold an alarm if the power is lost on a UPS system.


New logic diagram-see the whole process here.





Looks too complicated, right. It is.


If you have any task which needs to be created with logic, let me see what I can come up with.

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A note on the diagram above - this is not just a drawing it is the actual programming page from Artist (with some labels added by me.)

Dragging logic elements onto the page and then hooking them up with drawing lines creates the actual circuit.



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Thought I could "Think outside the box" and do the loop arounf from the output to another input.

Works fine on it's own but in practice it is unstable. This was the old way with the loop around inside the logic:





This is what I tried with one of the destination functions calling the LOOP. As soon as I add more functions it chatters.



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