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Source 4 lens


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Does anyone know if you can buy individual Source 4 lenses ?


Have been googling away, but with no luck.


Have a couple of cracked one's that have been sitting around for awhile. Would be nice to get them in service again, but don't really want the expense of new tubes.

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That's a useful document that I don't have in my manuals.


Thank you for that.


Have managed to find them in America for £35.

Will be interesting to see what price I'm quoted over here.


Will update when I receive the quotes.

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Yes, you can buy individual lenses.

- I'd suggest getting the lens mounting 'pads' as well, as they are a bit fiddly to re-use.


Unfortunately the Storm Lighting link is the wrong document - it's for the UL version, which you're unlikely to see in the UK.

While many of the parts are the same, not all of them are.


It's also a bit of out of date - the 19deg lens has changed since the version linked above.


You want the Source Four CE Assembly Guide, which you can download from this part of the ETC website.


In general, it's much better to get these kinds of documents direct from the manufacturer because then you're getting the current version.

Usually you can also check for older versions if you have older versions of the fixtures, as all manufacturers change parts from time to time.

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