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Trantec antenna distibution


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I have an 8way rack with 2x Trantec S5ADU, Im now (finally) racking up my Ch70 stuff.

Ideally I want to use one set of antenna, got my eye on some wide band passive paddles, not ordered yet, but nearly.


The trantec ADUs have a pass thru, does anyone know if this is a full band pass through, or if it filters out Ch38? and if full band, how many ADUs can you cascade without affecting the signal (too much)?


If it matters, the Ch70 rack will have an AT ADU, and 4 Senn G2s


I have emailed Trantec, but as yet had no reply.



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I've used 3 x S5ADU on ch 38/39/40 without any problems using Lintec Antennas

I don't know if the S5ADU will do ch 38 and ch 70 together.


TOA are busy with a stock take until monday, so you may not get a reply until then



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cheers guys, thanks for the info on Toa, they have usually replied pretty quickly before, that explains it, Ill have another look at options for the antenna split, a simple 2 way passive will probably work ok.

I'm currently just using the omnis that came with the rack, so some directional antenna with a bit of gain should compensate for any loss in a passive split.

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yes the s5 adu has a bandpass filter on its input. however thought it was channel 38 upto channel 41 to support the freq in the s5.5 systems.


maybe brian can clarify?


be carefull on some of the wideband paddle/ shark fin antenna as some are rather over priced because of the name stuck on them

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