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Fog/Haze Machines


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Hi ya'll,


It's me again!


I have some friends who have this Sound Lab smoke machine and this thing is useless! it coughs out this little pathetic bit of smoke and has absolutely no capability of filling a small stage with haze/fog etc.


So, I was wondering what people thought were good models for doing such a thing?


I have 12 par 64's and live the effect of the "beams" cutting through haze on a set - looks so much better than the un hazed version.


What would people recommend?


I'd probably be willing to spend upto 300, so was thinking second hand - as usual :)


would this be controlable by DMX from a manual DMX desk such as the level 24 plus? or does this desk just control dimmers?


Thanks all


You're layman poster,


Mr. Si


EDIT: oh sorry, moderators, I posted this in the wrong section - please could you move this post? Thank you :blink: :( :huh:

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