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Bubble Guns


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I am currently working on a show where we use Bubble Guns but we keep having problems with them breaking. Has anyone used bubble guns in the past which have been good and lasted for than a week?!


Thanks in advance for your help.



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If you're talking about the handheld toy guns that produce continuous bubbles when you pull the trigger, then consider looking fro some official Disney store ones, since their toys tend to be quite well engineered.


What's actually happening to them when they break? Is it the little peristaltic pump that delivers the fluid to the head, or perhaps the head clogging? The fluid gets recycled in these guns continually, so any excessive airborne dirt may cause clogging over time.


Of course at about 3 quid for the basic ones you could just get a box of them in and treat them as disposable props with new ones ready to go in the wings, should one conk out mid-show.

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