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Crest CC range Amps?


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Hi all, has anyone had experience with these?


I'm considering the 2800 model to replace my well used Peavey GPS2600 which has begun to act a little strange lately. It appears to offer a good power output (assuming 965W into 4 ohm is RMS) for reasonable money and with a respected brand name.






I was originally considering the Yamaha P5000S but would pay the extra for this.




Any advice or opinions and alternative suggestions would be much appreciated. Cheers

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I have just spent £350 on a simple repair to an overcomplicated amplifier (main service centre simply repair the motherboard) - manufacturer's name withheld as to not drift off topic, I have just bought one of these with a view to use to power wedge monitors.


Having studied the circuit diagrams and visited the distributor's service centre, I feel re-assured that should there be problems, there is a reasonable chance of repairs and service for less than the cost of a new amplifier.


Worth a punt for the 1000W per channel version at about £500 (or less).

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I'd been looking at the offerings from the major manufacturers and Crest was spoken of positively elsewhere on this forum too so I visited their website and concluded that the CC range was above entry level and was then pleasantly surprised at the price (I was expecting closer to 4 figures). While googling for reviews it was only then that I learned that Peavey bought Crest and that my GPS2600 was based on a Crest design.
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