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Tracking for aerial artiste


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I'm looking for a tracking system that can be truss-mounted and used to track on some rope lines and an aerial silk for an aerial artiste.

The truss is part of their existing rig; it's basically a box-truss goalpost that can be anything between 3 and 5m high depending on venues.

We need to attach some system of tracking so that the aerial ropes can be tracked on and off, and preferably some way of securing the lines once onstage.

Anyone got any suggestions? Is Triple-E up to this sort of usage?

Any advice appreciated!

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Foy will probably hire you what you need, BUT they will almost certainly want to install it themselves, insist on training your flying team, and demand you keep paperwork to satisfy any official body in case of accidents. This may be rather expensive, but it is worth talking to them. Their flying track and carriages would do the job and you'd only want a tracking system rather than a full lifting system, if the need is just to 'slide on'
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