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Jands Vista Now Shipping

AC Lighting

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A.C. Lighting are pleased to announce that the Jands Vista lighting console is now in stock and will be demoed for the first time with the final shipping software at this week’s Pro Production 2005 show in Long Beach, California (visit A.C. booth 434).


The Vista was first shown as a working concept in 2003 and was identified by many as the next major step forward in lighting control due to its ‘back to basics’, innovative approach to lighting design. Unlike existing consoles, which force users to convert their mental picture into a complex series of numbers, the Vista allows users to work visually by controlling all design parameters with a pen and a large colour screen. This radically different interface enables users to build their lighting designs visually and makes programming with the desk extremely fast, simple and intuitive.


In addition, a unique Timeline feature displays all show parameters on a single scrolling screen, making editing and reviewing very quick and precise. Further time savings can be made using the Vista’s powerful Generic Fixture Model feature, which enables looks to be copied between fixtures, regardless of type, allowing real flexibility and saving hours of re-plotting time.


Following this 1st preview, Jands and A.C. have been busy putting the console through an exhaustive beta testing programme to turn what was a great concept into a practical everyday lighting control solution. The product’s final shipping software is therefore the result of thorough evaluation and fine-tuning across the full range of concert, TV, theatre and event lighting applications.


Early adopters of the Jands Vista in the UK include Essential Lighting, DBN Lighting and the Royal Albert Hall in London. A leading TV/Film studio in Sweden and a large house of worship in Florida are also enjoying the benefits already of the console’s simple and intuitive approach to programming.


The console user manual will be available shortly from www.jandsvista.com.


The Jands Vista is exclusively distributed in Europe and North America by A.C. Lighting, and the company is offering free operator training and demonstrations.


Visit the A.C. booth (434) at Pro Production 2005 to receive your hands-on demonstration of the product or contact the company’s sales offices for more information:


European Sales Enquiries:

Tel: +44 (0)1494 446000

Fax: +44 (0)1494 461024

Email: sales@aclighting.com

Web: www.aclighting.com


North American Sales Enquiries:

Tel: +1 416 255 9494

Fax: +1 416 255 3514

Email: northamerica@aclighting.com

Web: www.aclighting.com/northamerica

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