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DB Technology Sub Problem

Ben Couch

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I have a DB Technology Sub 05 sitting here, when it switches on the fan comes on, running fast and the prot/lim led remains on constantly and doesn't switch off. And when a form of music is run through them, it is distorted. I wonder if anyone knew what the problem could be?


Any help would be amazing



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I'd say the amp is dead, but you suspected that already, didn't you? :rolleyes:

It could also be that it's oscillating, for whatever reason. Can you hear some low frequency hum? Does the amp get hot? You would have to take the bugger apart and connect a scope to the amp's outputs, with and without speaker. Same situation? Could also be the voice coil of the woofer is burnt out and therefore below 2 Ohms and the amp goes into protect. If none of the above checks out, you would have to give it to a service station to have it fixed.


my 2 centavos

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