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Strand Light Palette 90


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I have the opportunity to have a Strand light palette 90 console. I've read the possibilities of this console over strand archive but I wanted to have some views from people in the field.


Is this console still good, and can it be used nowdays ? Is it simple to use ?


Would someone be interested in buying it and for what price ? (not looking for a buyer but for information).


ps: I'm not really focused on keeping it as I already have an Avo pearl and mainly do concert lighting. :)



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The LP90 is a great console for its vintage (very late 80's and early 90's). It ran alongside the Galaxy as a predecessor to the 430. A brand-new venue that I worked at for three years in the mid 90's had a Mini LP90 (like the full LP90, but all built into one case and without the redundant electronics), and once I'd spent a few hours getting my head around the modus operandi, which was slightly different from what I was used to, I loved and cherished that console for the next three years. With a bit of thought it could be made to do absoultely anything that I ever needed it to do, and more besides.


No moving light functionality built into it - but I managed to program a few Macs on mine on more than one occasion with remarkably little blood spilled! Judicious use of macros helped enormously ....


The only problem with it was that we were one of only three touring houses in the UK that had one (Basinstoke and Southport were the other two, IIRC), so I always used to pray that any incoming tours using house desks had been to one of the other two venues first and had a show disk, otherwise I was in for a lot of number-crunching! :) And it didn't quite have the same 'character' of its 'sister' desk, Galaxy - but that didn't stop it being a fantastic piece of kit.


No idea what the going rate would be for an LP90 on the second-hand market now - probably not much, with it being such old technology.

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