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Also these are graphic lasers from maplin running of a 13 amp plug each.

Ah ... in that case, I hope you weren't planning to use much lighting on the show - that kind of laser's going to get washed out pretty easily.

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I know mac 250's are a bit of a naff fixture, but, have you thought about using 3 or four of them rigged close to a mirrorball? Stunning effect and you can use them for other lighting as well?


Removes any problems using lazers and you may have them specified on the rig anyway!


Just a thought



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WE are using the Mac 250's but they want the quick moving lines from the laser reflected of the mirrorball because it looks good. We have strugled to persuade him that we don't want a full perfesional laser to play with for the event!!! I am planning to point the laser at the mirrobal from one side of it on our lighting bar. The mirror ball will be in the center and the laser will be on the other end (about 6 foot)



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"The Ela are very unresponsive can some one tell me if they are still in existance. The phone number is never picked up the forum seems to no longer exist and the mobile number isn't answered. Also the sight is 3 years out of date "


There have been changes within ELA, the new web site is under construction... Contact Geoff Jones on 01291 630 883


"As a side note the company were telling us that they had heard of a club in Greece where the laser they had there was so powerful that on a single point it could light the end of a cigarette Greek Health and Safety gotta love em! "


Many lasers can light a cigerette, and yes there are many of them installed in the UK! it's all to do with the scan rate and exposure of the beam... on a side note you can light a cigarette by holding one just outside the front lens on LSD's Icon moving light - it's point of focus is just outside the lens not bad for a 600w lamp!


"What they wanted was the reflecton of all the dots bouncing of the mirror ball. (apparantley this looked really good at minestry of sound)"



The laser system at the ministry of sound is a 2 watt Diode system - the mirror ball effect he'd have seen is produced by spinning a line of laser light round on the mirror ball, at high speed you have a 'solid' beam of laser light. No moving light will give you the intensity of beam that a laser gives doing this effect.



"(and they are many - I don't know about the dinky little lasers that run off a 13A plug, but when you're dealing with the lumpy lasers of a couple of watts or so that are normally used in entertainment the H&S implications are considerable)"


I'm unaware of you laser experiance but with todays technology there are systems capable of producing >60 watts that can be powered from a single pahse 16a supply - older technology would have taken >80a three phase to produce half that intensity! Whatever the size of the laser health and safety should be the prime concern, make aure the laser company you use has ALL the apropraite paperwork - if they don't don't use them, it's that easy.





Tim Matthews


PS: if you did shine a couple of cheepo maplin lasers at a mirror ball then is would look #####... get a laser company with the proper gear in to do it and you'll be amazed at the effects that they can produce - to get the effect that was seen at MoS then you'll need at least a 100mw (0.1w) laser with some form of scanning system - otherwise your beam will be so small that you can only hit one facet of the ball at a time - giving you a single beam reflection.

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