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CP28 Lamp


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Being a bit of an obsolete lamp geek I thought that this may be of interest. Manufacturers lamp codes change whenever a lamp is improved to give a brighter output, longer life, better burn angle etc etc (although retailers lists aren't always changed or updated to take account of these new codes). The CP28 became the CP53(Thorn) or the Philips 6153. The CP53 had an odder shaped 'BT' envelope and a colour temperature of 3200 K and a life expectancy of 400 hours. This change actually occured some considerable years ago but stocks would have dwindled slowly. It is still available but now known asa CP74 with an improved life expectancy of up to 1500 hours (they don't seem to do that on my 293s)!

Also available is a 1Kw version called a T16 with a colour temperature of 3050 K and an expectancy of 750 hours. I hope that this may be of some interest and go towards slightly justifying my existence!!!!!!!

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