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Fixture for odd gobo's?

Ashley R

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Maybe someone out there knows this.


Have been given a whole pile of steel and glass gobo's, 3 and 5 facet prism's and all matter of odd things for going into gobo/effects wheels.


But I have no clue what fixture these gobo's go in.


Outer gobo diameter is approximately 54mm, and it appears that the image diameter is 46mm.


It has the right outer diameter to be a D Sized gobo, but not the right view-able image diameter.


So if anyone has any clue what these gobo's go in, it would be much appreciated.


Thanks Ash

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They do sound like D-size gobos. Alternatively, they also sound about the right sort of size for Clay Paky StageScan, SuperScan or GoldenScan HPE fixtures - the fact that you have 3 and 5-facet prisms and "all manner of odd things" sounds about right, as CP scans do have a wheel with prisms and other glass optical effects in them.
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