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Mixer options for 4 video sources with moves


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Hello All,



I am currently doing a little project with 4 seamless plasmas in a 2 x 2 configuartion set up as a video wall; so just one input.



The plasmas will be being fed by 4 seperate laptops each running some software which I want to split over the 4 screens, so each has it own screen, but at any time any one of the laptops can be full screen over all 4 plasmas.



So I am looking for some kind of mixer that can achieve this - Suggestion please!




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You need a Spyder X20 --- but that might also require a small mountain of cash....



A spider x20 would do it, As would a Corio 3, but not as cheaply as 4 2 way das, a 4:1 switcher, {vga - dvi scaler if its vga you are using} and a datapath x4 video wall controller. If you feed the output of each laptop directly into input 1 on the plasma and then input 2 via the X4. A bit of clever control programming and a simple button based controller like a amx cp2008 and you can switch inputs on the plasmas, turn the video wall on and off and change the switch setting all at the same time.

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My first thought was an X20 - Sadly there isnt any where near the budget for one.


As for a Corio 3 I have never worked with one but I assume its a graphics server similar to the X20 and as such similar in price?


I was thinking along the lines of a DA a 4 way splitter and a switcher after posting - But I like your suggetion better than mine AHYoung, So Thanks, I'll look into it.






Update: Looking for info on the Corio 3 you mentioned - Cant seem to find a Corio 3...


But TVone do a 4 x DVI input multiviewer + scaler which looks like it would do the job perfectly and has presets.

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The corio products you would need is this http://www.tvone.co.uk/c3-540-main.shtml you would need 2 dual input modules and 2 dual outputs, ie 4/4. Like the spider it does much more than you need, but it does what you need.


It also seems to me that the hetec unit is a multiviewer and possibly does the opposite of what you require.


However having thought about this, if your plamsa wall does video wall processing onboard, and has rs232 or ip control, you actually need a 4/4 matrix and a simple controller, you either send the 1,2,3,4 inputs to 1,2,3,4 outputs with no processing and that gives you 4 laptops on 4 screens, or you turn the proccesing on and send the selected laptop to all 4. It will actually be a "better" solution than the spider as there is no scaling or procesing latency on the 4way option and only the screens own processing on the single screen image.

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Thanks Guys,


Really helpfull stuff.


I would be looking to buy as this will eventually be party of an install.




I like the multiviewer/scalar box method as it lets you have multiple views with the scalable pips - The downside being the resolution for the 4 ways split would be worse.


Did you try many different units before getting the HETEC Derek?



Backup plan being the matrix but I can see turining off and on the internal video wall processing live being a bit ugly maybe.




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We didn't really have time to look at other models as time was rather tight in the end - we Google searched it, and one of our guys had a quick look at the unit at ISE and then we bought it.


I don't really know that much about it, as I'm really just a paper pusher these days. If you want to know more about it, you could give the office a call on 01952 587049 and have a chat with Dan. He's the one that got it all working.


We had four PCs with these graphics cards in: http://www.ebuyer.com/255113-msi-hd-5450-1gb-64bit-ddr3-dvi-hdmi-vga-pci-e-low-profile-r5450-md1gd3h-lp


These were fed via the V-Switch Quad to a 2 x 2 video wall made up of Samsung UE46a 46" LED Screens - the screen resolution of each screen is 1920 x 1080, details here:




They're cracking screens - ridiculously cheap.


There's a photo of the stand that they were used on on our website here:




It's probably not the best picture, but the client was a software/systems company and they were very happy with the picture quality and screen resolution through the V-Switch Quad.


I should disclose that we have a V-Switch Quad and Samsung UE46a screens in hire stock and would like them to earn their keep!


Hope this helps.


(Edited for grammar)

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